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Department of Business Economics


Field of study and undergraduate programme leading to the bachelor’s degree
05 Social and Behavioural : Economics 051: Enterprise Economics

Field of study and postgraduate programme leading to the master’s degree
05 Social and Behavioural : Economics 051: Enterprise Economics

The courses provided:
• Enterprise Economics
• Labour Economics and Labour Relations
• Value-Based Business Management
• Managing Business Competitiveness
• Developing Business Model and Business Planning
• Corporate Management
• Corporate Social Responsibility

Research areas:
• Economics of an Enterprise and Organization of its Activities
Transformation and adaptation of an enterprise
Organizing performance of the integrated corporate structures
Formation of efficient marketing and logistics channels
• Managing Business Competitiveness
Strategic analysis of the business competitive capacity
Improving corporate governance
Business process reengineering
Corporate restructuring and formation of competitive advantage
Value-based business management
• Valuation
Business valuation and building reputational capital
Business performance measurement
Implementing investment projects in business
• Enterprise Development Models
Enterprise capacity building and new market establishing
Enterprise market capitalization
Ensuring efficiency and investment attractiveness of enterprises
Formation of corporate social responsibility.

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