Денис Бабаєв

Денис Бабаєв – випускник ОП “Бізнес-адміністрування” (2016 – 2018). Бакалавр міжнародної економіки Київського національного університету імені Тараса Шевченка.

Coming back to 2016, I had to decide what master’s 
degree to enroll after the 4-years program in international economics. I had got pretty good exams and could choose among many options. My main priorities were the following:

1) Maximum applied in business and life whatever I do
2) Developing both soft and hard skills
3) Possibility to gain some international experience
and the last, but not the least
4) Good and qualitative network, as I believe that every person is an average of 5 closest people he or she communicates.

My choice was obvious – Business Administration Program. After some research and talks to older colleagues, I realized that this Program combines courses for developing leaders with result-oriented mindset and developed both hard skills (such as business statistics, econometrics) and soft skills (people management, public relations, etc.).

Well, 2 years were productive and cool. Furthermore, I had an amazing opportunity of studying abroad for 1 semester as an Erasmus student.

After a few years, I understood that it was completely correct choice. I’ve got from the program what I’ve expected. I started my career as a transfer pricing specialist in consulting (KPMG), continued as a senior transfer pricing specialist in the biggest national holding in the energy sector (DTEK). And currently, I work as a Business Development Manager within one of the biggest IT companies in Ukraine (Genesis). On every step of my career ladder I used skills learned at the university and I always met people from the university, in particular from the Business Administration Program. Moreover, my international experience of one semester abroad significantly helps me currently as I work with people around the world from different countries, cultures and business approaches. Business Administration is an amazing program for pro-active people with getting things done approach!