Владислав Рябенко

Владислав  Рябенко – випускник 1-го набору ОП “Бізнес-школа. МВА”(2014 – 2016). Магістр права  Київського національного університету імені Тараса Шевченка.

I worked as Head of Corporate Finance at Ashberry Stone before entering the Faculty of Economics MBA program. The business administration class really opened my eyes to the idea of entrepreneurship and global trends of marketing and management. A direct outgrowth of our class was a hard skills development, reinventing of analytical thinking and applied models of business strategy.

I had a very diversified class – students were from different countries, of different religions, different corporate backgrounds, education and race. As I definitely know now, it can only help businesses thrive as we build out more diverse, inclusive workspace.We all started looking at things from different angles and having a broader point of view when working on a project or thinking through a challenge in class.

I believe there’s a great power in connecting and learning from others.MBA showed usa new environment for collaboration where everyone had an opportunity to really engage and discuss and learn from each other. The diverse background of the class and our beloved professors made an outstanding result in our business and corporate mindset.